"A leader is a dealer in hope."
-- Napoleon Bonaparte

As we read and discuss the subject of computer hacking and related nefarious uses of the Internet, we focus for the most part on the Information Technology and Information Security side of the topic.  There is another side, however, one dealing with the moral and ethical aspects of hacking, approached from a religious viewpoint to [...]

Not long ago, the phrase portable secure storage did not mean a great deal to the average business traveler. Today, however, carrying large amounts of data, including application files, digital photos, and music, is a reality for most tech-savvy travelers. Whether you are on the go for business or personal reasons, you likely carry a large quantity [...]

by Mike Dailey

Failing a certification exam can be a disheartening and emotionally draining experience.  You go into the testing center nervous, but confident, and walk out deflated and upset.  It is an experience that many of us in the field of Information Technology know all too well.  While it can render a blow to your confidence and [...]

by Mike Dailey

Quite often, when traveling on business, your mind shifts into “work mode” the moment you pass through airport security or adjust the mirrors on your rental car.  You become focused on the project, or if homeward bound, on finally making it to your front door.  Once accustomed to traveling, it can become “second nature” for [...]

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by Mike Dailey

The news of Steve Jobs’ passing was not unexpected, as anyone who follows technology news, or is a devoted Apple customer, would be familiar with his failing health and recent decision to step down from his position at the helm of Apple.  There will be, for the next several days, countless articles, blog posts, and [...]

by Mike Dailey

Apparently, Netflix’s decision to raise prices by as much as 60 percent is turning into a “horror show” for the company.  Who thought otherwise?  A 60 percent rise in price, or a 50 percent cut in service, either way you look at it this was a critical mistake for Netflix. Netflix’s stock price is down [...]